Roman Esthetics treatments are designed to prevent and treat early signs of aging and preserve the youthful qualities of healthy skin.


Each treatment is crafted with care for each individual, using advanced clinical ingredients.


Facial treatments combined with the use of professional skincare products at home will help turn back the skin's clock. 



Facials are customized to each individuals skin needs. Each includes-double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), light massage (neck, shoulder and hand massage), mask, serums, moisturizer and spf.

Skin Consultation ~ $50 

Includes : 30 minutes skin analysis, treatment plan and recommendation of professional skincare at home products.  ($50 go towards your first skincare purchase)


Roman Esthetics Signature Facial ~ $85            

Make your skin shine with Linda’s Signature Facial. If you’ve never experienced professional skincare before, this is where you want to start. This facial is customized to each individual’s skin type. 

60 minutes. 

Dermaplanning or Microdermabrasion Facial ~ $99

Dermaplanning or Microdermabrasion (crystal-free) Facial is Roman Esthetics’ most popular all-in-one. Great for aging and photo-damaged skin, the process helps remove dead skin cells and makes your skin glow. 60 minutes.

Sensitive Skin Facial ~ $90

This facial is geared toward individuals that have sensitive and/or compromised skin. Using CBD infused skincare, this treatment will help calm your skin and help strengthen your lipid barrier (natural skin protector). 60 minutes. 


Roman Esthetics VIP Facial ~ $149

Relax and renew yourself with the deluxe facial at Roman Esthetics. Always customized to your skin type, your facial will include either microdermabrasion or dermplanning, enzyme exfoliation, facial lymph drainage massage, eye treatment, hydrating hand treatment, brightening jelly mask, and back scrub and hot towel. 90 minutes.



Vitamin A Facial ~ $110

The Vitamin A facial, curated by Linda Roman, normalizes the cellular function to increase circulation, boost collagen production and create healthier-looking, radiant skin. 75 minutes.


Skin Brightening Facial ~ $110

Overflowing with antioxidants, this facial is chalked full of vitamin that helps fight premature aging. Microdermabrasion/enzymes help smooth out rough textured skin, while vitamin C mask brightens up your skin. 75 minutes


Roman Esthetics Nano-Infusion Facial ~ $130

The infusion starts with dermaplanning or microdermabrasion followed by stamping (Nano) of Vitamin A (Environ Products) into the skin. 75 minutes.

Nano-infusion facial uses an automated handheld device with nano silicone disposable tips that exfoliates the skin surface, while infusing anti-aging serums into the skin surface. The skin receives nutrients that help lighten, tighten, and brighten. 

*Roman Esthetics reserves the right to change treatment prices without notice*


Why Choose Us

For years, Roman Esthetics has been your total skincare center in Glendale, Arizona. We are a unique destination providing a complete spa experience. Linda Roman pride herself on keeping the promise of exceptional and enjoyable skincare services. Each visit, your treatment will be performed at the highest standards. To book your appointments, give us a call or book online.


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